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I love instagram for the simple reason that you get to connect with all kinds of people and see a sneak peek into their life through their photos. I love seeing people’s transformations and every once in a while someone catches my eye enough to make me want to know more about them. Katie is one of those people. Her transformation is so inspiring that I knew I had to feature her. Feel free to read on and learn more about her journey.

fitness transformation

How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date? I am 24 years old. I think that “health and fitness journey to date” is pretty lofty so I will keep it as short as possible. Like most women my age I’ve battled with self image from the time I was pretty young. I was always what you’d consider healthy. I played on the playground with my friends. I loved to jump rope. I did dance camps as a little girl. I eventually did cheer and track in middle school. In high school I was a cheerleader. During high school my mom got a job out of town and we moved and I started working while still in high school. I gained a little weight but nothing too extreme. After I moved out of my mom’s house and got married at the young age of 19 I found it very easy to obsess over the weight I wanted to lose and how I wanted to look and feel. I am a very happy and energetic person so most people assumed I was healthy but in reality I was very unhealthy. I was not eating, I developed a severe food anxiety and dropped to like 105 lbs. I finally got help and once I became pregnant I ended up on bed rest with both of my children. It made for a lot of weight gain and some pretty gnarly stretch marks. I played the self loathing game, like most mothers do, honestly. I really felt sorry for myself. And after so many nights of crying at 200 lbs, and feeling selfish for even feeling depressed when I had this beautiful family I just decided this imbalance wasn’t right. I had to allow myself the opportunity to make myself proud. There was just this moment where I said “Katie..nobody is going to make you feel like yourself. You have to do that. If you want the world to know you sing and dance and are funny and have dreams and even words for have to share it. And you have to not care how that looks to anyone. And I woke up the next morning and I ran. Along the side of the road. And I lifted weights even though I had no idea what I was doing. I just started. I started dancing around my house with my kids and jogging before my husband went to work. And the more I made this a priority, my physical and mental health, the happier I became. The further my laugh reached. It’s so strange what happens when you decide to love yourself and not apologize for it. This tiny selfish act turns into a selfless service to others. I freed myself from a very dark place. I was very sad before. I felt only needed for my children and husband. Which don’t get me wrong, is wonderful. But it’s not enough.

Now. Fitness. It’s given to me something I’ve built for myself. In and of myself. And I am strong in this. I am proud of this woman I am now. I train hard six days a week. I lift frequently and love this lifestyle of reaching out to other people. I started my Instagram as a place for me to snap pictures of my food and make videos to 74 people. And now almost 20,000 people have reached out and followed my journey. I try to keep it as raw and honest as possible. This is hard. But anything worth obtaining in life will probably throw you a few curve balls at first. Every day I still wake up and struggle to see this strong woman that I am now. I don’t recognize myself hardly at all. I am capable and quick. I fit into all my clothes. I have a six pack and very, very little body fat. I lift next to men and a lot of them lift less than me. It is so odd to look at yourself and not see that sad person anymore. To look at yourself and for the first time in life feel that you are seen for who you are inside. Capable, strong, and full of joy. I feel that my life is set on fire now. Not because of muscles and weights. But because I have been able to empower so many others by the simple truth that they can do it too. That they are worthy of it. That it’s just a little bit of self doubt and fear that keeps us from trying. And once we believe we can do it, and we are worthy of fighting this battle every day, we just do. And we become stronger. So yeah. That was my short version. With tears in my eyes. haha.

fitness transformation

What are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? Were there any aspects of your transformation that surprised you? There were a couple different times I really didn’t know what I was going to do. “Am I done now?” I’ve thought that before. I hit my goal weight. Now what? Or you don’t see the results you want. Now what? Simple. We just find whatever is stalling us and crush it. Switch up your routine, add in abs, increase your cardio. Whatever. Fitness slumps are only as hard as we make them. Honestly. What surprised me about my transformation? I never dreamed my body would look like this. Especially after two kids and full bed rest with both.

What types of foods did you used to eat? What’s changed since then? Anything and everything. I still eat a lot of fun foods. I train hard enough that I can and wake up the next day and still wear my pants. However, I always feel better overall when I eat whole foods. So I try to aim for that. I have kids so I try to eat how I want them to eat as well.

How has your health transformation affected the health of your family? GREEN SMOOTHIES AND SQUATS FOR EVERYONE! You think I’m kidding.

What’s your favorite energy booster? I am a shameless caffeine addict. Espresso or coffee is my favorite. If I’m going to lift some heavy weights and need something I do drink pre-workout then.

What fitness programs have you tried? Well none. I tried that crazy wrap thing and gave them away. Seriously. Do it yourself. Save your money.

What are the biggest positive changes you have noticed as a result of your lifestyle change? Everything you can think of. My marriage is better. I’m a funner mom. I am reaching many. Simply by embracing this lifestyle for myself.

How did you stay focused and motivated? I think you just have to remember why you started. Every day. This makes me better. So I do it. Period.

What are some of your dreams/goals you hope to achieve over the next 12 months? Obtain my Personal Training certificates. In the mean time continue with the amazing Team Right and Tight Coaching that’s just started. Seeing a these women take off has truly sparked something inside of me. This is my passion now. I’ve been coaching women through the first month of weightloss for a while and now that I’ve brought my trainer, partner, and friend Mike on board we are launching it on a larger scale. Very exciting.

fitness transformation

If you could give one piece of advice to others who want to achieve their own personal heath optimum what would it be? Start inside. Don’t ask someone else what they did to look a certain way. I mean yeah, if they have a goal similar to yours by all means, do. What I mean here is start this from square one. Inside. Don’t just try to cardio your way to a goal weight or crunch your way to abs when really we need to first address your emotional well being. Don’t buy supplements because you can’t control your binge eating. Let’s find out WHY you binge eat. What has you in the kitchen at midnight? Once you do that stuff you’ll be unleashed. Your own personal health is an overall thing. And if this is your life and you want to live this forever…don’t look for the finish line. Run this race with a smile and you’ll never stop winning.

What tips would you like to share with my readers about your transformation? Balance. This is about you. Not your friends sister who tried this diet and she lost all her blah blah blah. This is about you. Find your own rhythm and dance. Whatever works for you. That’s what you do.

To find out more information about Katie or just to stalk her awesomeness follow her on IG @loseitconkatie


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