Fitness Friday | Katie S.

katie transformation

I love instagram for the simple reason that you get to connect with all kinds of people and see a sneak peek into their life through their photos. I love seeing people’s transformations and every once in a while someone catches my eye enough to make me want to know more about them. Katie is […]

Fitness Friday ~ Kharyse


I have known Kharyse(aka Reesie) for a couple of years now from mommy groups in Hawaii. We would all hang out with our little ones at the pool, etc. I also had the pleasure of taking Reesie’s photos several times and she always had a happy upbeat personality. After moving from Hawaii we didn’t talk […]

Fitness Friday ~ Ashley B


Nothing inspires me more than seeing others who have reached their goals or well on their way to reaching their goals. I can seriously browse Instagram for hours and hours looking at people’s transformations and feeling so proud for someone I don’t even know. With that said, I have decided to start Fitness Friday and […]