Beginners Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

beginners guide to a healthy lifestyle

If you are having trouble losing weight after trying a number of diet plans, then its time you start merging eating the right kinds of food items as well as making sure you have a rigid exercise routine that you will be staying with and following. A whole lifestyle change is the only method to properly shed […]

What Not To Do At the Gym

gym etiquette

Now that gyms are being flooded with New Year’s Revolutionist I thought I’d share some basic etiquette tips on what not to do at the gym for anyone who doesn’t know or understand. Not Re-Racking Your Weights Come on people, its really not that hard. You were able to lift the weights where you need […]

Fit & Lean in 2015

fit & lean in 2015

Now that the New Year has started and the doctor has cleared me to do light work outs even though I’m only 4 weeks postpartum, I have started my list of runs I’d like to complete this year. This year I think I’m going to aim to complete 2,015 miles as part of a challenge […]

What to Wear | September

what to wear september

Though it will still be 100 degree here in the desert, for the rest of the country its going to start cooling down. I decided for September’s What to Wear that I would go with a more fall setting. Still colorful but darkening up the colors a bit and adding some length to the outfit. […]

Fitness Friday | Katie S.

katie transformation

I love instagram for the simple reason that you get to connect with all kinds of people and see a sneak peek into their life through their photos. I love seeing people’s transformations and every once in a while someone catches my eye enough to make me want to know more about them. Katie is […]