That One Time I Tried POUND


I am all up for trying new workouts. I like trying new things in hopes of maybe falling in love with a new fitness class. Over the summer I started hearing about this new workout called POUND. I heard it was a ton of fun and that people were raving it was the next Zumba.

Intrigued, I asked around about POUND to find out what it was about. I found it was a workout with drumsticks that you essentially use to “beat” to the music. That sounded like it could be a lot of fun so I checked out my gym’s schedule and planned to hit up the next class.

When I got to the class, everyone was instructed to grab a mat and two drumsticks. We did a little stretching so to speak and then got to it. Here’s what I think.

The music was a bit old for my taste. I love Blink 182 and rocking out with drumsticks could have been a dream come true but “All the Small Things” was a bit too old and slow. As the class continued, the music continued…to be slow and boring honestly. I couldn’t get into it because the music was too dated for my liking.

The biggest issue I had with POUND was that my back was killing me. It doesn’t matter if you’re squatting or not, bending over to hit the ground non-stop is not going to help. I tried different variations to try and keep my back from aching but nothing helped.

Even though I honestly wanted to love POUND, it just wasn’t for me. I’m sure there are plenty of instructors out there that have different tastes. Maybe I would like them better but what it comes down to after to the music is the back pain. I’m too young to be in pain so easily so sadly I’ll have to pass on this new fitness trend.

Have you tried POUND? What did you think?

  • robin Rue

    My friend teaches Pound and keeps asking me to try it. One of these days…..

  • Tara Pittman

    I have not tried Pound. It does sound like a good workout.

  • Dogvills

    This is their first time I heard about pounds. I know that playing the drums requires a lot of effort. I think this is a good workout. I would love to try this.

  • Lisa Rios

    Never tried POUND before. It sounds like it’s not for me though, cause I love my back and don’t like being sore. Thank you for sharing so I don’t make the same mistake!

  • The Travel Ninjas

    Its too bad. Pound sounds like a good idea that s fun but yeah the ergonomics just don’t work. Oh well, there are lots of other fun ways to be active.

  • Karlyn Cruz

    It’s sounds like a cool another way of workout! I would love to try this too!!

  • Ryan Escat

    My wife should know about this, she usually workout 4 times a week and she will surely love this one

  • Kate | Highlights Along The Way

    I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds so interesting!! Will definitely check it out!

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    umba is amazing! I havent done it in a while!

  • Sarah-Louise Bailey

    My first time to hear about it too and maybe the music was meant for the old ones that can’t follow the faster beat. I think zumba will still be the most awesome workout ever for all generation.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    First time I heard of POUND. I don’t think I am fit enough to engage in that kind of activity though. My exercise routine is just walking, of which I do a lot of. So far, it works for me and keeps me fit.

  • chei

    I do zumba as my exercise. And it really works. 🙂

  • Nellwyn

    So glad to read about your experience because at first this sounded like something I would enjoy, but I have a back problem so now that I’ve read this I’ll be steering clear of this workout.

  • Lois Alter Mark

    I never even heard of Pound but am intrigued by the idea. I do love Zumba and I think it’s time for me to go back!

  • Azlin Bloor

    Not heard of pound and honestly doesn’t sound like I’d enjoy it. But then I prefer working out on my own, instead of doing classes. Change is always a good thing in your workout routine, so keep at it!

  • Jay Simms

    I haven’t heard of it, but I wouldn’t like the music selection. You have to have a fast and upbeat music to work out with.

  • Richard Bivins

    Never heard of it and I’m all for working out too but I’ve recently started the Paleo diet, which really isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle change. In the first week I’ve noticed a steady increase in energy and hoping for some real changes in the coming weeks.

  • Hey Sharonoox

    It sounds like a fun tool for a workout. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you.

  • Jolleen

    Okay this sounded like fun until you started talking about how much your back was hurting. I could see myself just dying from pain if I tried to bend over and do that for a long period of time. After having three kids, I doubt my back would hold up. But, the fact that you get to act like a drummer and burn off calories does seem really fun to me!

  • Elizabeth O.

    There really will be workouts that won’t work for you. Some are just not your style while others are not the right fit. I think it’s still nice that you tried it, otherwise you wouldn’t have known that it won’t work for you.

  • Ruth I.

    I have heard about it one . I actually saw it on news but just now I got to know the name. I love to learn how to play drums so I will be interested to try this.

  • Hannah Marie

    I think it’s an awesome work out! I haven’t tried it yet but it looks so fun!

  • Emma

    Never heard of POUND – sounds like a way to mix up your workouts but I’m with you – not sure I’d like the music/or bending over all the time!

  • Ana Rose | Roads and Pages

    I haven’t tried it. I also have some back problems and lifting heavy things is not advisable with me. I just have walking as my only form of exercise. Too busy to go to gym.

  • Claire Santiago

    I never heard about POUND, first time here. Zumba and yoga are the ones famous, but I would love to give it a try when it’s already available in our country.